Colony Cylinder

Colonies L-3,L-2


View of L-4. Plaga Colony Area,Plaga City and out side L-4

Elena City L-3

Elena City L-2 This is the only space colony in Lylat System to have a natural Greens in a colony including river deep forest and partial mountains

the colonies were being built after the Angler Blitz conflict and the colonies had taken heavy damage during the Sargasso Colony Zone War.L-1 is a stanford tortus colony,L-2 a O'neill Cyclinder so as L-3 L-4,L-5 is a Island One type Bernal Sp

L-5 A Bernal Sphere settlement


L-1 the first Cornerian colony built by Cornerian Army its above Corneria

The colonies were finished by 2217(AWL17). In 2245 the later addition came L-6, L-7, L-8, L-9 and L-10.

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