Arwing I (アーウィンマル, Āu~inmaru) was Samuel's personal Arwing which is like Star Fox Team that is wing part of Starwing Gundam since Dark Gundam was defeated.


Before Samuel remodel Starwing's partsEdit

It was first appeared after event of G Gundam and defeat of Dark Gundam. Since Samuel journey the Starfox World, his Starwing Gundam's wing part is removed and repaint as starter Arwing (which was Starwing Gundam is sent to Gundam Store and sold by Allenby for a 100 bucks after event).

After remodel Starwing's partsEdit

After the Starwing Gundam was solded, Samuel begins to adventure with mysterious allies called Star Fox Team. With the mysterious enemy called Andross, Samuel used the Arwing I to destroys the Andross's army.